Professional Home Remodeling Services in Mobile County: Crafting Innovative Homes

Professionalism in home remodeling meets with innovation at Before and After Home Remodeling (BAHR). Our dedication to building future-ready homes makes us a recognized brand in Mobile County.

Crafting Innovative Homes

We take pride in our creative method for home development. Our level of professionalism is unmatched, which elevates the process and becomes the key to meeting the highest standards for quality, efficiency, and customer success. From the very beginning to the final touches, our highly passionate team works hard to give your idea reality with precision, originality, and attention to detail.

Professionalism in Action: Pre-Construction Phase

With us as your Design Partners, we will go through comprehensive discussions, team up on the design concepts, and develop meticulous project plans. Our financial and planning abilities help to guarantee that your plan is executed and all objectives are achieved within budget and optimally. This steadfastness in material selection and purchase stands as a strong indicator of our dedication to quality and advancement in every arena.

Before and After Home Remodeling

Crafting Dream Spaces: Construction Phase

BAHR’s commitment to excellence through action is most vividly demonstrated during the construction phase. Our construction service is diverse, covering a wide array of project areas that include floor installation, painting, roofing, decking, privacy fencing, subflooring, termite treatment, and house expansion. Our goal toward being professionalized secures all works that are developed with care and responsibility, extending your home’s attractive and novel features.

The BAHR company is distinguished in terms of external remodeling among other residential remodeling firms. These skills, ranging from curb appeal, landscape design, and installation of planters and small gardens, contribute to the overall house design harmony. With regards to curb appeal, you can choose from exterior remodeling services to match your desired change or add a patio deck for outdoor enjoyment – our range of services will help you meet your unique requirements. For exterior remodeling, BAHR stands out among residential remodeling companies. Our expertise extends to enhancing your home’s curb appeal and creating inviting outdoor spaces that complement the overall design. Whether you want to revamp your façade or add a deck to enjoy the outdoors, our exterior remodeling services are tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Excellence Beyond Build: Post-Construction Phase

We are quality-minded not just during the construction but also beyond that. In the post-construction phase, BAHR guarantees that your happiness is paramount. Final inspections and walkthroughs are conducted rigorously with a focus on details in resolving any post-construction issues promptly. Our guarantee and follow-up assistance, with a genuine commitment to long-term quality, will ensure that your investment stands the test of time.

Before and After Home Remodeling

Expertise Spotlight: Innovative Kitchen Remodeling

Being one of the leading kitchen remodel contractors, we pioneer the art of creativity and romance at the heart of your home. Our kitchen improvement service balances form with function to create a brand-new, functional, and attractive cooking space. View our gallery to see stunning Before-and-After transformations manifesting our expertise in remodeling the kitchen into a modern, efficient, and beautiful space.
BAHR is unique among kitchen remodeling companies because we are focused on designing kitchens as per your preference in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Our team is the authority in designing both modern and timeless designs. We give our all to see that your vision comes to life and it gets implemented.
Along with our specialty in kitchen remodeling, BAHR is ranked among the top bathroom renovation contractors as well. The Bathroom remodel services we offer are always designed to fit your desires and style, as well as to provide for your functional needs. This only reaffirms our dedication to delivering world-class quality throughout the entire house.

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Before and After Home Remodelling is a home renovation expert in Mobile County; we boast of the title among the best. Our creative creation in each aspect of service delivery is what makes us stand out. So, get in touch with us to begin a renovation journey that is marked by our unwavering professionalism, creativity, and willingness to go above and beyond your customization needs. BAHR is where the house of your dreams becomes the reality.