Complete Home Remodeling Services in Saraland: Transforming Homes, Building Dreams

At BAHR, our specialists turn dreams into reality through our complete home remodelling services in Saraland, with the satisfaction of our clients being our priority. In the course of the remodeling process, we are your trusted partner, devoted to perfection and deeply passionate about changing spaces.

Transforming Spaces

The fact that BAHR fully recognizes how an artfully decorated room can add a lot to the quality of your life is what makes this organization outstanding. Our pledge to changing scenarios launched into action at the inception from the pre-construction stage. We work in tandem with our clients from the moment of their initial consultations to ensure the realization of their ideas, lifestyle and budget requirements. It is not only a choice of materials but also proper strategic planning for all changes we opt for. Such pre-construction knowledge allows us to not only try new things but also to develop our skills.

Building Dreams: Pre-Construction Phase

Our well-experienced and professional staff will assist you during all of the pre-construction phases, including budgeting and materials selection. We are not just contractors. We create loyal partners. Our objective is to create a feasible and durable road plan that exceeds your expectations.

Before and After Home Remodeling
Before and After Home Remodeling

Crafting Excellence: Construction Phase

As your project moves to the construction phase, the level of our dedication to workmanship increases and becomes more obvious. We provide services to match your renovation requests, i.e. bathroom and kitchen renovations. Ranging between flooring installation, painting, and roofing up to our total package deal, we do everything, from privacy fence installation, subflooring, termite damage repair, and house expansions!

BAHR certainly stands out among residential remodeling companies when it comes to exterior remodeling. Curiously enough, casting with so much skill in creating a captivating curb appeal and various outlays of space that go with the overall design is what we excel at. Whether you wish for a new, truly appealing and eye-catching facade or a deck appended for outdoor use, you can find our exterior remodeling services catering especially to your requirements.

Beyond Completion: Post-Construction Phase

Our activities carry on beyond the completion of the building. Post-construction service is just as important as the construction; we guarantee your happiness when we deliver the project, which is long after. We make sure that your peace of mind is upheld throughout the process, be it the final inspections and walkthroughs or handling the after-building issues. A pledge of our credibility and our in-service support is an example of our pledge to lasting and loyal customer relationships.


Expertise Spotlight: Kitchen Remodeling

Our outstanding services take the spotlight as a high-end kitchen remodel contractors. Our integrated kitchen renovation services feature both usefulness and aesthetic effects in order to revamp your cooking area. Visit our portfolio to see how we have passed the test by combining the newest tech with the old ones to produce modern, state-of-the-art and aesthetically pleasing kitchens.

BAHR is a heads-up of the top-class kitchen remodeling companies focusing on the achievement of your custom-made kitchen that reflects your personality and meets all the everyday routine needs at the same time. Be it a modern functional space, a timeless classic, or a contemporary design, our skilled team can produce a great kitchen space the way you have always desired.

Along with kitchen remodeling, BAHR is a well-known expert in the field of bathroom renovation contractors. We specialize in bathroom remodel services as our approach is centered on building personalized spaces with all the necessary elements you want in your bathroom. We are equally good at contemporary updates and classic renovations equally and will make your bathroom worthy to be called a haven of comfort and style.

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At Before and After Home Remodeling, we do not simply provide home remodeling services – we are partners in your endeavors to transform and enhance your living areas. Our full home remodeling services, ranging from pre-construction to post-construction, are set up in a way that they go above and beyond your expectations. Partner with a team that will turn your remodeling aspirations into a reality. Contact us today to begin your home redesign project with BAHR.