Exterior Remodeling And Renovations

Exterior Remodeling Contractor: Your Partner in Home Transformation

Your home’s facade says what your yard has to offer, a peek at what is sheltered behind the picket fence. Whether you are greeting guests or introducing your house for selling purpose or whether you were coming back from a long day, the exterior appearance is crucial to creating a very first impression. The arena is that space where looks as well as quality meet, where design and practicality intersect. And that’s where the exterior remodeling services providers have their place in play.

In this article, we will dissect the different arts and sciences of exterior design. From tangible exteriors to big dormers, energy-efficient windows to compelling outdoor spaces, we will all be discussed. However, before we head to the main part of this story, let’s start the show with the character who selflessly toils behind the curtains to bring about the desired changes—the exterior remodeling contractor.

Why Hire an Expert Remodeling Contractor?

Here are some reasons to choose a professional contractor to remodel your home:

  1. Save Money and Time– Home improvement projects can be costly and time-consuming affairs. As a budget-minded homeowner, you are able to review estimates from various professionals as well as choose more economical materials and upgrades depending on the scope of the project.
  2. Leave the Project Management to the Pros– You likely have other work and family responsibilities to uphold in addition to any home improvement projects you have started. Particularly if you are working on a complex, multi-stage project, it is always better to leave the project management duties to a professional.
Exterior Remodeling

3. Take Advantage of Established Working Partnerships– A general contractor with years of experience will have likely formed strong working partnerships with a variety of subcontractors and suppliers. That’s very good news for you as the homeowner.

4. Enjoy Peace of Mind– There’s a lot of responsibility and liability that goes along with a home improvement project, and most of it rides on a general contractor. You can rely on your general contractor to be licensed and insured, and know that everyone they are working with will also be licensed and insured.

5. Have it Done Once, Have it Done Right– There’s a major sense of accomplishment that comes with the successful completion of DIY home improvement projects. But there’s a major sense of disappointment should that project fail or remain incomplete.

Navigating Home Exterior Remodeling Projects

The overall process for a large-scale renovation typically involves three distinct phases:

  1. Design Phase: During this phase, you’ll collaborate with your design team to share your dreams, ideas, and budget. A dedicated design-build firm will work with you to create a vision and goal for your project. Regular meetings will help finalize the project plan.
  2. Pre-Construction Phase: After agreeing on the design, you’ll move into pre-construction. Details such as finished product selections, blueprints, permits, and material orders will be handled. The construction schedule will also be planned.
  3. Construction Phase: This is where the excitement begins! Demolition, rough carpentry, and installation take place. While there may be a slower “slump” phase, progress continues until fixtures and finishes are installed, leading to project completion.

Remember to choose a reputable remodeling company that prioritizes warranty and handles any issues even after the project is finished. Enjoy the journey to your new space! 

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Permits and Compliance

We have compiled a list of important considerations for your next renovation project to assist you better understand the function of building permits in restorations.

  1. Any modification work including structural, electricity, or plumbing work, whatever it affects safety of building and its tenants, requires a building license.
  2. In the process of starting any renovations, the building authority’s approval and permission are frequently sought. There is the possibility of the fines and also the legal consequences, if the permit is not obtained for the buildings.
  3. Application for a construction Commercial building remodeling project must adhere to all zoning, safety, and construction regulations. With this, you bar your remodeling work from any safety issues.

4. The value of the land is even more secured through the presence of license to build. However, if you will ever want to sell your home, this might drive some potential buyers away unless they are provided with documents proving that the renovations you did were completed in accordance with the requirements necessary for that task.

5. The cost of a construction permit is also dependent on the scope and depth of the project. In spite of that, frequently the cost of a permit to undertake renovations does not constitute a substantial percentage of the entire project’s expenses.

6. Although minor renovation jobs generally do not involve obtaining building permits, this is not the case with major remodeling works. Permit for construction even for simple tasks like replacing door or window is required.

Home Remodeling And Renovation

The Before and After Home Remodeling Difference

When you choose Before and After Home Remodeling as your contractor, you never have to worry about messy surprises or budget overages. Our rigorous project management system keeps everything running precisely to plan. But it’s our people that make the biggest difference – we only hire the most talented, customer-focused remodelers and then invest heavily in their continued training. 

The result is a remodeling company you can trust through every step of the process – from concept to completion. Discover the Before and After Home Remodeling difference for your next bathroom, kitchen or whole home remodel in Alabama. Call or contact us online today to schedule your design consultation!